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Ustadh Ammar AlShukry (AlMaghrib Instructor)

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  • Hails from: Queens, New York
  • Famous Quote: "Good. Better. Best. Never rest, until your good becomes your better, and your better becomes your best."
  • Most Likely To Say: "Oh Snap."  "Hot Fire."
  • Known for: His heavy sarcasm with a poker face that is almost impossible to read.

Ammar AlShukry is the AlMaghrib Grand Slam Champion, excelling in his involvement at every capacity: volunteer, original Ameer of QTayybah, HQ staff, graduate and now instructor. 

 Ammar began seeking knowledge in New York with a wide variety of teachers in Quran, Hadith, Aqeedah, Fiqh and Tafseer.  Beyond the tri-state he was able to benefit from scholars throughout the United States such as Shaykh Salah Al-Sawwy, Dr. Hatem El-Haj, Shaykh Mamdouh Mahmoud, and extensive study with Vice-President of AlMaghrib Institute, Shaykh Waleed Basyouni. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Sciences with AlMaghrib Institute.

He has the ability to walk seamlessly between generations. Ammar is also very well known for his thought-provoking and heart-moving poetry with classics such as “Jannah”, “Until I See You”, and “The Witr Du’a”


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